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<span id=" ID  "> 500 </span>

$( ID  ).countUp( options [optional]  );	
var options = {         OPTIONAL
	duration: e.g. 5000,
	endPoint: e.g. 2500,
	startPoint: e.g. 15,

This is a simple JS ticker to count up from a certain number in an animated style. It is a very lightweight jQuery function.
<ul id=" ID  "> 
	<li>This is an item for the marquee </li>
	<li>This is another item for the marquee </li>

$( ID  ).textSlider();

This is a simple JS marquee, mainly used for Tweet sliders. It takes all of the items in <li> format and then compiles them into a <pre> which scrolls.
<div id=" ID  "> 
	<div>This is a slider </div>
	<div>This is another item for the slider </div>

$( ID  ).opSlider( options [optional]  );

var options = {         OPTIONAL	
    autoplay: true,
    autoplaySpeed: 5000,
    buttons: true,
    pauseOnHover: true,
    fade: false,
    indicators: true,
    indicatorColor: "black",
    indicatorInactiveColor: "white",

This is a simple jQuery slider, It is fairly simple just put all of your slides in <div>'s contained inside of the parent <div>.

Then call the jQuery function and choose the optional options array.